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Magnet Beverages for Women VS Beverages Designed to Attract Men

Magnet Beverages for Women
“Good For Skin Care & Diet”

Beverages Designed to Attract Men
“Fatigue & Hangovers Are Gone!”





Recently, the beverages designed specifically for men or for women are emerging as a promising business in Korea. We used to drink beverages just to wetten the throat. But now many beverages made with a variety of secret ingredients are developed and released as functional beverages to make up for males’ and females’ weaknesses with the strengths provided by the ingredients.

As Soon As She Drinks
It, She Becomes More & More Beautiful!




Women are always more concerned about the skin care and keeping the body shape good. Recently, “inner beauty” is a household word among women. “Inner beauty” means that perfect skin begins with good, consistent skincare from inside of the skin. In other words, when good ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or collagen are absorbed by the body, the skin becomes smoother and more beautiful. In Japan, the size of the inner beauty market has reached more than USD$1.5 billion. Similarly to Japan, there are a variety of inner beauty drinks in Korea. Pretty Korean stars - Girls Generation, Kim Tae-hee, Kara, and many others - are the evidence of that.


1. Introduced on Japanese TV, “Kwang-Dong Corn Silk Tea”




A beverage with a somewhat long name, “V Face Line Kwang-Dong Corn Silk Tea,” is made of corn silk, which is a diuretic and helps relieve swelling. Thanks to the “V line” (a V-shaped face line or a slim jaw-line) marketing campaign, it has become a popular drink among Korean women since its release in 2006. The news about the popular drink was broadcast in Japan. Michibata Angelica, a representative Japanese model, appeared on the morning TV program “Hanamaru market” (which has been running for 15 years on Tokyo Broadcasting System Television) and said that the Kwang-Dong Corn Silk Tea she bought in Korea was really good. And she added, “You can find Kwang-Dong Corn Silk Tea in Japan, too. I drink two bottles of it every day.” The program emphasized the strong points of Kwang-Dong Corn Silk Tea (relieving swelling and removing skin toxins). They also mentioned other advantages of the product such as being caffeine and calorie free. After the program was broadcast, Kwang-Dong Corn Silk Tea hit the second position in the Google Japan search box.
Kwang Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd. :

2.3. Skin Esthetician




A bottle of “Miero Beauty N” produced by HYUNDAI PHARM CO., LTD. contains 360mg of NAG (N-acety Glucosamine). It provides about 37 percent of the daily necessary amount of NAG, which is good for dry skin. The beneficial qualities of the NAG made it prominent these days in overseas markets, especially in Japan. Miero beauty N is low in calories but rich in fiber, vitamins, and other good substances. If you want to drink something light, a bottle of Miero Beauty N is just what you need.

Another beverage of HYUNDAI PHARM CO., LTD., called “Delicious Collagen,” is made with 330mg of fish collagen, which is good to make supple skin. Collagen, which makes up 70 percent of the protein content in human dermis, controls the moisture and suppleness of the skin. The raspberry fragrance of the beverage takes away the smell of collagen and gives the drink a lingering sweet taste.

4. Making the Skin as Smooth as a Baby’s with “Inner B It Beauty”




The “Inner B It Beauty” of CJ Cheiljedang is a beauty drink for the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid (recognized for skin moisturizing qualities), dietary fiber (helps the intestine movement and slimming the body), and highly enriched apple and red-grapefruit juice. One bottle contains as much as 60mg of hyaluronic acid. The apple and red-grapefruit juice gives it a refreshing taste. With only 45 calories per bottle, you can drink it as much as you want.
CJ Cheiljedang : www.cj.co.kr

5.6.7. Kara Fell in Love with the Vinegar Beverage

Vinegar beverages, whose main ingredient, acetic acid, dissolves lactic acid, are effective at relieving fatigue and great for diets and beauty. The beverages have received a positive response from women consumers. There are three main types of vinegar beverages.


 Korean girl group KARA have been working as exclusive models for the vinegar beverage “Hongcho” produced by DAESANG Corporation. Hongcho comes in nine kinds of tastes, including pomegranate, rubus coreanus, and blueberry; so anyone can find the taste they like.


 The vinegar beverages produced by SEMPIO Food Company have more amino acids, vitamins, and minerals than the products of competitors, owing to the fermentation with brown rice. k-food-9.jpg

LOTTECHILSUNG CO., LTD. offers the RTD (Ready to Drink) beverage that contains vinegar with apple extract and dietary fiber. There is no need to thin vinegar with water or milk.

With Beverages for Men, Hangovers Are Gone!




The drinking culture in Korea is really strong. Many businessmen have to go out for dinner and drink alcohol almost every day. For this reason, beverages for men have developed in the direction of relieving hangovers (quenching the thirst or removing alcohol from the body), just as women’s beverages have become geared toward beauty. The beverages with Hovenia dulcis are highly recommended for curing hangovers. Hovenia dulcis is effective in dissolving alcohol and eliminating toxins from the body.

1. Four in Ten Koreans Drink
“Condition Hovenia Dulcis Water Beverage”




“Condition Hovenia Dulcis Water Beverage” produced by CJ Cheiljedang is calorie-free as well as sodium, fat, cholesterol- and sugar-free. Made with Korean Hovenia dulcis and kudzu extract, it is effective at quenching thirst, increasing diuresis, and eliminating toxins from the body. With these strong points, 20 million bottles have been sold in the one year and four months since the product was released. Surveys suggest that four out of ten Koreans have tried Condition Hovenia Dulcis Water Beverage.
CJ Cheiljedang : www.cj.co.kr

2. Best Seller “Dawn 808”
Has a Patent in 11 Countries

“Dawn 808” is a second to none beverage for curing hangovers. It became a word-of-mouth best-seller after it came out and its sales have been growing at the rate of 30 percent annually. The usage of natural herbs makes the beverage safe and accelerates alcohol break down. For considerations of consumers’ health, the inventors made 808 samples of the product and conducted experiments 808 times. Thanks to this effort, they succeeded in producing a natural tea effective in relieving hangovers, and this is how the beverage acquired its name.
“Dawn 808” was patented in 11 countries: Korea, the US, Japan, China, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. It has received the 1st prize in the beverage part of the “Consumer Well-being Standards” and “Convenience Store Bestseller” national brand competitions for three years in a row. With many awards under its belt, “Dawn 808” is truly the most powerful Korean beverage to cure hangovers.
GRAMI CO., LTD. : Jbs34433@yahoo.com

3. Drink Hovenia Dulcis and Red Ginseng Together!




Saponin, one of the main constituents of red ginseng, has been scientifically proven to be effective in preventing cancers and decreasing the cholesterol level. Regardless of the country, people think red ginseng is very good for the body. KGC (Korean Ginseng Corp.), a representative Korean ginseng company, recently released Hovenia dulcis water beverage with ginseng extract, targeting businessmen in their 30s and 40s. The tastes of Hovenia dulcis and ginseng have a re-energizing quality if consumed after drinking or a tiring day. The product of KGC has the highest concentration of Hovenia dulcis extract (9500mg) among the beverages on the market.
Korean Ginseng Corp. : www.kgc.or.kr

4. 75 Percent of Male Consumers Are Satisfied with the Effect … Designed for a Man, “Powerful Day with Hovenia Dulcis Water Beverage”

Kwang Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd. examined the level of customer satisfaction with the Hovenia dulcis water beverage produced by the company. They used a random sample of 1,000 Koreans (above the age of 16) living in the five big cities of the country. The results showed that male consumers were more satisfied with the beverage than women: 71.4 percent of men and 58.9 percent of women said they liked the product. An officer of Kwang Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd.


 said, “The design of the packaging associated with the image of a strong man is the key to the success of our beverage with male consumers.” To boost the powerful image, Kwang Dong Pharm. Co., Ltd. changed the color of the beverage packaging to black. Also the word “man” is written in Chinese (男) in the center, making the beverage easily recognizable as a drink for men.
Kwang Dong Pharm.
Co., Ltd. : www.eng.ekdp.com

Park Sung Eun  parkse@agrinet.co.kr

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